Pickett, WI USA

The Oliver on Meilhan Farms, Pickett, Wisconsin —Coming Soon!

Welcome to The Oliver, where micro-boutique properties redefine hospitality. The Oliver takes pride in curating unique hospitality experiences. The Oliver's newest gem, The Oliver on Meilahn Farms, is no exception.

Meilahn Farms is conveniently located within a 10 to 15 minute drive from Oshkosh and Ripon, Wisconsin. It is also near Fond Du Lac, Appleton, and within reasonable driving distance from Green Bay, Milwaukee, Madison, Wisconsin Dells, and even Chicago.

Upon opening, The Oliver on Meilahn Farms will feature a 2022 Airstream Flying Cloud that accommodates up to four guests. This unique lodging option offers a rustic atmosphere, complete with a firepit, decks, BBQ grill, a fully equipped kitchenette, and resort-style linens and towels. Nestled on the edge of the private wetland, guests can enjoy peaceful views of the wetland and the surrounding farms.

The wetland at Meilahn Farms is home to various bird species, including waterfowl such as ducks, geese, herons, and egrets, as well as marsh birds like rails, bitterns, and grebes. It is also an important stopover point for migratory birds. The wetlands support a diverse range of wildlife, including frogs, salamanders, turtles, beavers, muskrats, and otters. The vegetation in the wetland includes cattails, bulrushes, sedges, water lilies, and various aquatic grasses. These wetlands are part of a crucial network that maintains Wisconsin's water quality and hydrological balance. Acting as natural filters, they remove pollutants and excess nutrients from the water, improving downstream water quality. Moreover, during heavy rainfall, the wetlands absorb and store water to reduce flooding and prevent erosion.

Apart from their ecological significance, the Meilahn Farms wetland offers recreational opportunities and aesthetic value. It provides a tranquil setting for activities such as birdwatching, nature photography, hiking, and relaxation.

It's worth noting that wetlands face various threats, including habitat loss, pollution, invasive species, and climate change. The primary purpose of The Oliver on Meilahn Farms is to generate funds to protect and preserve this important wetland, ensuring its ongoing ecological function and the preservation of its diverse plant and animal life for future generations.

In the not so distant future, The Oliver on Meilahn Farms hopes to add additional Airstreams, Silo accommodations, hiking trails, a disc golf course, a communal greenhouse pool and hot tub, and more.

The Oliver on Meilahn Farms envisions expanding its offerings in the near future, Current thoughts include adding several more Airstreams, unique Silo accommodations, hiking trails including a boardwalk through the wetland, a disc golf course, a communal greenhouse pool and hot tub, communal gardens, and other exciting amenities.

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Please note as we continue to incorporate community feedback and align with local and state licensing and zoning regulations, the envisioned expansion referenced above will undergo refinement and modifications. It is not yet definitive.